So you always know how your animals are doing - wherever you happen to be. With the app, you conveniently receive all key information on your smartphone or tablet computer.
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Optimise efficiency as well as animal well-being – smaXtec has the solution. Early notification enables you to take prompt action and improve the health and reproductive performance of your animals. Using the smaXtec system can also improve productivity on your dairy farm.
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pH Plus

smaXtec Classic

For heat & calving detection and basic individual health monitoring.

smaXtec pH Plus

For optimized feeding, reproduction management and comprehensive improvement of your herd's health status.

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A good start for calf and cow: calving cows

Knowing the exact time of calving is of great importance in livestock farming, especially in dairy cattle farming.


The new smaXtec App for iOS and Android

Finally, the new smaXtec App is available for download!


Measuring the body temperature of dairy cows: effective health monitoring

The body temperature of cows is a precise health indicator. Changes in body temperature are often the first sign of an acute illness.


Heat detection in dairy cows: the key to success

Cow herd fertility is crucial to the financial success of a farm. The time of insemination is of essential importance, but it is more and more difficult to detect cows in heat.


Visit us at UK Dairy Day!

We will be at the UK Dairy Day 2017 on Wednesday, 13th September 2017 in Telford and are looking forward to seeing you there!

Please click here to get more information about the event. You will find us at stand H157!

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